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  • Needle(s) in a Hay Stack...

    Needle(s) in a Hay Stack...

    Finding the right horse is like finding a needle in a haystack. There are so many variables involved. After my STORY was published in the Ukiah Daily Journal, I received many phone calls, emails and outreach from the community. Among those was an email from a woman who has 3 sweet mares she is willing to donate to the program along with all of their equipment! I continue to be amazed by this community I am so lucky to be apart of and the kindness, love and generosity of others. I am looking forward to meeting these lovelies early next month. Keep your fingers crossed for not just the program but for these wonderful horses to find themselves a loving and fulfilling home at Braided Tales. Though these horses are potentially being donated, it is crucial to have support funding for vet checks, and a probation period for student numbers to increase in order to support the program independently. The expressed need for this porgram in this community is overwhelming, and I see the potential for this program to quickly grow. I have a month to come up with funds to cover the initial vet and boarding fees to bring these girls home. Let's make it happen! Please share my story and my campaign with all of your friends and family. Sharing goes a long way. Who knows, maybe a needle in a haystack isn't so hard to find after all.

    Stay tuned for more exciting news!


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