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  • Sad Day at the Vets...

    Sad Day at the Vets...

    Yesterday Mac's integration pen was put up, his stall was ready for him with yummy grains and I picked up a salt lick and a water bucket for him today so he would be nice and comfy for his first night in his new home. We all had such high hopes for Mac and there were so many people involved in his adoption process rooting for us and helping us along the way. I am beyond heart broken to announce that Mac will not be joining our program post vet check. After working with him for two days, we discovered that he has some health issues that make him unfit for the program. He is such a special horse and has the greatest spirit and personality. It was very hard for me to walk away from him after how much we hand bonded in so little time.

    That said, Braided Tales is back to square one in finding a lesson horse. As great as everything was going, it just wasn't meant to be in the end. Mac will find the right human(s) and Braided Tales will find the right horse! And don't worry; we will still be doing the raffle it just won't be with Mac. 

    Stay Tuned for updates-


    Ride the Horse in the direction that it's going

    (Werner Erhard)