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  • Rising from the Ashes: Fire Rescue Raffle

    Rising from the Ashes: Fire Rescue Raffle

    Mac is a rescue from the fires we recently had and I have been thinking a lot lately about the irony of using a recued horse in my equine facilitated learning program. There are varieties of Therapeutic and Equine Facilitated programs out there that ONLY use recued horses. The reason for this is that these horses wind up getting just as much from the program and are actually emotionally and physically rehabilitated themselves in the process. How could you ask for a more beautiful relationship between a human and a horse? In light of the fires, Mac coming into the program as a rescue and the timing of this programing launching, I would like to raffle off a free lesson to a fire victim affected by the fires in Sonoma or Mendocino Counties. Both the nominee and the nominator each recieve 1 free lesson. To enter in the raffle, like our Facebook page, follow us on Instagram, share the Braided Tales Go Fund Me Campaign with your family and friends and nominate one person for the raffle. If you have more than one person you would like to nominate, have a friend or family member enter the raffle and nominate them that way. Please, Follow these links to enter in the raffle. The WINNERS will be announced at the end of February!