About the Program

About the Program

What is Braided Tales?

The Braided Tales Art and Equine Facilitated Learning Program is a unique combination of healing arts and horsemanship education with an emphasis on personal growth and development.

What makes this program unique?

Art offers a wonderful opportunity for exploration and expression. It can be a powerful tool on its own and when combined with Equine Facilitated Learning, a special cycle develops; Students gain experience while working with equine partners and express their personal growth through visual arts. In this cycle art and equine learning benefit from each other by creating clear pictures of success as well as discovering areas to work on and setting future goals. It becomes a full sensory learning experience that caters to every learner’s abilities and needs. 

What do students get out of the program?

Students work one-on-one with me to build a relationship with their horse from the ground up. Along the way many skills are learned such as how to develop healthy boundaries, communicate clearly and build self-esteem. Students participate in a variety of games, problem-solving activities, fun arena courses both mounted and dismounted and trail rides. Art is integrated into lessons and involves at least one independent art project per month. Students take home their artwork and share accomplishments with their friends and family. 

 Why Horses?

As prey animals, horses are extremely sensitive to our intentions and energy. They know how we are feeling even if we don’t. They reflect these feelings back to us through their behavior and inherently create opportunities for self-evaluation. Horses are one of the world’s greatest teacher’s and demand our respect, honesty and compassion. Being with them brings us into the present moment and requires us to expect just as much from ourselves as we do of them. Some of the benefits of working with horses include improved self-awareness, communication skills, tools for problem solving and increased confidence. Working around horses gives students a purpose and a sense of accomplishment. It instills a good work ethic, sense of responsibility, keeps the body active and builds on both mental and physical fitness.

How to join the program...

I am excited to meet you and so is your horse! To join the program, simply contact me and set up an intake interview. This is so that students and family members can meet their instructor, tour the facilities and get to know Braided Tales first hand before signing up for classes. This interview process is for the safety and satisfaction of both students and their families as well as the Braided Tales Program. We look forward to hearing from you!

Instructor: Katharine Payne (707)354-0638