What is Braided Tales?

Braided Tales is an Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) program that applies natural horse herd behavior to help people gain mental and emotional health in their daily lives. Exercises are facilitated by at least one horse, an equine specialist and when appropriate, a mental health specialist.

Equine Assisted Philosophy for Authentic EAL

For millions of years, horses have been developing survival skills for keeping themselves and their herd safe and healthy. Despite being domesticated for thousands of years, these instincts are still there, being passed down through the generations. By understanding natural herd behaviors and the responses we elicit through EAL exercises, that information can be used to create metaphors for understanding our own behaviors and create opportunities for personal growth and development.

How to join the program...

The horses are excited to meet you! To join the program, simply contact the Instructor. She can answer any questions you may have and get you set up with an appointment.

Certified EAL Instructor: Katharine Payne (707)354-0638